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Bosch Innovation Consulting

When it comes to Innovation, it is not just about having great ideas but mostly about testing and turning them into scalable and profitable business models. We at Bosch Innovation Consulting support you in driving innovation @ scale. We guide, support, and enable our customers with hands-on approaches to achieve high impact on business model innovation. With our many years of in-depth experience across various business sectors, we have developed extensive knowledge on how to drive business model innovation @ scale regardless of the domain.


Evidence-based Innovation @ scale

You have to fail enough that winners have the opportunity to emerge

If your ambition is to move beyond innovation theater and discover repeatable, scalable, and profitable business opportunities beyond your core business, our services enable you to generate, identify, validate, and scale new business.

By applying our structured and evidence-based approach, you will create a better-balanced innovation portfolio, a more capital-efficient innovation ecosystem, and an innovation funnel with the potential to scale into the next generation of profitable business.

Let's Accelerate!

Listen to our Let's Accelerate! Podcast where we speak with leading thinkers about all things innovation.

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Let's Accelerate! Podcast

In “Let's Accelerate!” we talk to leading thinkers in innovation about how to create better results in corporate environment. When you are driving innovation beyond your core business, the most likely result is failure. But failure in this context is certainly not a bad thing; it’s actually crucial for your success. You have to fail enough so that winners have a chance to emerge. If your ambition is to move beyond Innovation Theater to discover a repeatable, scalable way of running an innovation ecosystem and portfolio then you have come to the right place. On this channel, we will discuss different approaches to corporate innovation and exchange thoughts with leading thinkers about all things innovation. Episodes are published in English and German.