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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information about the costs of a collaboration and the costs for the individual services?
Please get in contact with us for any information on costs.
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For the Bosch Accelerator Program, do I need to run Phase 1 and Phase 2?
In most cases you will start with Phase 1 of our program. If your innovation project meets the criteria for moving to Phase 2 at the end of Phase 1, you will also run Phase 2 of the program. But running both Phases is not necessary! Feel free to get in contact with our experts to get more information.
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I don’t have any experience on the topic of Business Model Innovation. Where should I start?
Please get in contact with our team via the contact form. Tell us what you need and we show you how we can support you.
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Why should I get in contact with you? What are the benefits for me when working with you?
Actually implementing business model innovation on a daily basis as an integrated part of a major corporation. With our many years of in-depth experience across numerous business sectors, we have developed extensive knowledge on how to drive business model innovation regardless of the domain. We believe our extensive experience will help you to create a more sustainable innovation portfolio and ecosystem.
Find out more about who we are and get to know our team.
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