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BMI Hackathon

Think bigger

With the BMI (Business Model Innovation) Hackathon for new projects you will generate ambitious business model ideas with the potential to fundamentally change your business.

What is the difference between a Hackathon and a BMI Hackathon?

The traditional hackathon is an event which is well adapted to the needs of tech companies and its participants, which are usually programmers. They collaborate intensively on (software) projects. The goal of a hackathon is to create usable (software) products. Final result: Demo a product.

The intention of a business model hackathon is to generate better business ideas addressing major strategic opportunities. During the hackathon, teams create and develop ideas for strategically-relevant business models and formulate hypotheses about potential customer segments, associated value propositions, and all related elements of the intended business model. Final result: Demo a business opportunity.

Business Model Hackathon covering Phases of Concept Ideation and Concept Preparation within the Bosch Innovation Framework
Image: Business Model Hackathon within the Bosch Innovation Framework

The benefits of a Hackathon are…

Saving time in ideation as the hackathon is limited to 2 days

Generating more and better ideas

Selecting the most promising ideas in a creative framework

What you will get

In a 2-day Hackathon we will

  • Generate better business ideas addressing major strategic opportunities
  • Challenge the teams to get out of the building to test ideas
  • Coach the teams to incorporate interview learnings in their business model and to adapt accordingly
  • Prepare the final ideas for validation