Bosch Innovation Consulting

Bosch Accelerator Program

Convert your ideas into scalable business models

We provide a framework to support you in validating your business models in a fast and structured way. By building a Corporate Validation Engine we drive innovation @ scale and make evidence-based investment decisions.

The Bosch Accelerator Program has been featured in numerous publications, including Harvard Business Review and Osterwalder’s The Invincible Company, as a leading example of how to run a fast, efficient validation engine supporting an exploit-explore innovation portfolio.

The Bosch Accelerator Program within our Bosch Innovation Framework (BIF)

Bosch Accelerator Program focusing on Concept Preparation and Concept Validation

How to convert ideas into scalable business models?

Are you investing in the right ideas?

Do you have a systematic way to select the right ideas?

Would you like to find out how?

With the Bosch Accelerator Program you will find out if you have a…

Find out it you have a repeatable, scalable, profitable business model, validated value proposition, strategic fit, prioritized customer segment, validated must-have and market opportunity

Value of the Bosch Accelerator Program

  • Significant savings in opportunity costs by freeing up resources due to early termination of projects
  • Very high financial impact on R&D
  • Develop entrepreneurial employees by significantly improving their entrepreneurial self-efficacy
  • Save time by fast and scientifically sound testing of new Ideas
  • Free up resources to invest in projects with potential to scale

Creating an Innovation Funnel

Innovation Funnel of the Bosch Accelerator Program with 19 successful projects

What you will get

Validation of your business model in a fast and structured way

Bosch Accelerator Program supports in the validation of business models in a fast and structured way
Image: Phase 1 (Customer Discovery) and Phase 2 (Customer Validation) of the Bosch Accelerator Program

Phase 1: Customer Discovery

What you get

  • Discovery of new opportunities
  • Validation of Problem/Market fit
  • Validation of customer segment with respective must-have needs
  • Possible pivot of your business model based on the knowledge gained about the market and customers
  • A clear Go or No-Go decision based on criteria (to move to Phase 2)

Phase 2: Customer Validation

What you get

  • Validation if you solution solves the must-have needs of your customer segment in your business model
  • Validation of Solution/Market fit
  • A clear Go or No-Go decision based on criteria (to start Incubation)

Virtual Approach of the Bosch Accelerator Program

Global coverage with fast and efficient validation. Your benefits:

Validation of any business at any time from anywhere

Particularly well suited for Covid-type situations, innovation can proceed even during a crisis

Cultural Impact: More than 800 Bosch associates from 21 countries have actively participated

Example project

RefinemySite als example of successful validation within the bosch accelerator program

BOSCH RefinemySite is a cloud-based lean-construction collaboration platform, provided by the Bosch group. This easy-to-use social-media-like platform enables everyone involved in the project – from site managers to trade contractors – to plan, communicate and execute in real time. RefinemySite is THE digital tool that supports daily and weekly collaboration and accountability – the most challenging part of sustaining a Lean Planning System®. Empower the Last Planners® to embrace lean construction, so they can reliably reach milestones.