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You want to develop new business model ideas and validate them efficiently leveraging workshop and training formats? For your daily business, our workshop and training services provide you with both operational and managerial knowledge as well as methods in the area of business model development and innovation management. Our passion is to support you in the journey to overcome your innovation challenges. Discover some of our selected workshop and training service formats below.

Our Workshops and Trainings

From Ideation to Preparation with our Business Model Innovation Workshops

Ideation and preparation with business model innovation workshop

Do you have an exciting idea you would like to develop into a scalable and profitable business model, with the potential to enhance your business portfolio? You would like to innovate an existing business model? You do not know how to validate your idea concerning its business impact? If the answer to any of those questions is affirmative, then this is your service! We would like to guide you on the journey to make your idea explicit and testable. First, we introduce you to relevant business model tools, practice their application using case studies, and share examples and best practices. Afterwards, you are well prepared to develop your idea to the next maturity level. Constant feedback and iterations will make this possible. At the end of our workshops, you are ready to validate your ideated business model. Are you ready to prepare your idea with us?

Get a jump-start to business model innovation.

Introduction to Business Model Innovation: From Strategic Framing to Scaling

strategic framing and scaling of business model innovation

There is no doubt that new business models are a key to stay competitive. The effective and efficient development of new business models requires a proven, standardised, and iterative innovation process. Our training introduces you to a proven end-to-end innovation process to manage the development of new business models from the early stage to late stages. For each process step, we introduce you to our toolbox, practice its application using case studies, and share best practices with you. Our approach is driven by contemporary scientific results, cooperation with leading scholars, and our experience realising business model innovation in actual, everyday practice at Bosch.

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Competing in the Platform Economy: Platform Business Models and Strategy

platform business models and strategy

While platforms have been around for centuries, digital platforms surfaced about two decades ago and are now gaining market dominance, domain by domain. The majority of the biggest companies in the world (based on market capitalisation) rely on asset light platform business models with strong network effects that leave little room for competitors. Every company, often sooner than later, faces new challenges since the rules of competition change dramatically when platform players enter the scene. We offer to you a training to better understand the effects of platform business models on your company, strategic options available to you to react to this challenges (including related opportunities and risks), as well as the competencies, organisational settings, and processes you need in order to stay competitive in this new platform economy. By learning from example, you will see what actually may cause disruption to an incumbent company and know the success criteria to position yourself in an optimal way.

Get ready for the platform economy.

Business Model Management at Bosch

business model management at Bosch

Anno 1886, Robert Bosch founded the eponymous corporate. Since then, we have been successfully striving to develop technology invented for life in four business areas: mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology. We do not develop technology as an end in itself. According to the current Bosch CEO, Volkmar Denner, the development of new business models is an essential element of continuing the road to success. You and your management team would like to learn more about how to develop new business models? You seek inspiration for and contemporary insights on business model development inside an international corporate? We gained our experiences during more than 200 innovation projects at Bosch.

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Train-the-Trainer: Become a Coach to Accelerate Business Model Development

Become a trainer and coach to accelerate business model development

In this training, you first join upfront both trainings “introduction to business model innovation” as well as “business model management”. Further, you will receive an introduction to processes and principles in the area of business model validation, practice the related toolbox, and utilise our feedback to become an effective acceleration coach. After intense training, you will be fully equipped to accelerate the validation of business model validation within your corporate. Thereby, you will not only be able to save significant opportunity costs, but also help your corporate colleagues to increase their entrepreneurial capabilities.

Become a coach to run business model innovation at scale.

Individual Workshops and Trainings Tailored to Your Needs

individual workshops and trainings tailored to your needs

You have an innovation or business model problem that none of our above service formats seems to fit? No worries …

Tell us about your specific needs to get a tailored offering.