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Innovate Better Than Startups With the Scale of an Enterprise

How Bosch Innovation Consulting Enables Your Innovation Team (article only available in english)

Innovate Better Than Startups With the Scale of an Enterprise

Bosch Innovation Consulting supports and enables the systematic implementation of innovative solutions in both the explore and exploit businesses of the Bosch Group and our external customers. We would like to offer you the opportunity to learn from those who are doing business model innovation on a daily basis as an integrated part of a major corporation. Our approach guides, supports, and enables you with state-of-the-art approaches and practical experience to create real results and high impact. Would you like to discover more about us?

We asked our own colleagues Michael Nichols, Head of Bosch Innovation Consulting Asia-Pacific, and Uwe Kirschner, Partner for Business Model Innovation at Bosch Innovation Consulting in Germany, to give more insights.

How we enable you to innovate better than startups with the scale of an enterprise.

Do you want to build an innovation funnel that allows you to create several innovation initiatives? Do you want to validate the initiatives systematically and quickly, enabling you to identify and invest in only the most promising ones as you progress?

“We can enable you from strategy to incubation to create a well-aligned strategy for innovation initiatives, test them quickly, efficiently, and then (hopefully) place bets on only those that are worth investing more as they go into further incubation. So, our services are more about both enabling the people in your organization and creating the appropriate structure to run an efficient innovation funnel.”
Michael Nichols

According to Uwe Kirschner, the overarching goal of Bosch Innovation Consulting is to enable Corporate Explorers to validate and incubate their innovation ideas in a fast and structured way.

Why Bosch Innovation Consulting?

There are numerous innovation consultancies offering their services to the external market. Some of the services you see out on the market: services running acceleration for you with internal teams or consultancies helping you to recruit startups to run acceleration with. This relationship with startups is one way you can test whether startups could be a good acquisition target or a joint-venture partner. On the other hand, there are Design Thinking professionals that offer many methods and tools throughout the innovation funnel. As we can see, the mass of offerings really makes it difficult to understand the differences and to choose the one that fits best to you and your company.

One important aspect that differentiates Bosch Innovation Consulting from other consultancies is that we are innovation practitioners in an actual corporation.

“We are innovation practitioners in that sense that we are supporting innovation projects from all divisions, from all business units around the globe, representing all business sectors. We don't talk about innovation, what could be done, or what should be done. We offer hands-on support for Innovation Explorers to validate and incubate their innovation idea, whether inside Bosch ventures or beyond Bosch with our external customers.”
Uwe Kirschner

We have done it ourselves and we, therefore, know the challenges of driving innovation in a corporate context. We are there to support you when thinking through how to solve all the challenges your company might face.

While other consultancies get things done for you, we enable you to build these innovation systems on your own.

“What is different about us is it is our ambition to enable you. Working with us is more about learning how to build an effective innovation system by yourself and about enabling yourself, not just outsourcing innovation to third parties who can create any innovation project for you. Our purpose is to enable you to generate innovations that make the most sense given your company’s strategy and capabilities.” - Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols

Our work and how we support our customers is very purpose driven. We know that more and more businesses are under threat of disruption. Therefore, we need to design, we need to develop, and we need to successfully implement the next generation of businesses. And we can support you in doing so.

“We are constantly working on numerous innovation projects covering different industry sectors around the globe and that generates insights. And our customers have access to these insights and our experiences on how to design, how to validate, how to incorporate innovation projects. And this know how is not available externally.”
Uwe Kirschner

If you want somebody who knows how to do it in corporate, who knows exactly the challenges you will face and is very transparent about it, and if you share the philosophy that most ideas will fail, then you should work with us. You will set up a system to test ideas quickly and efficiently. We are going to enable the people by creating transparency, deliverables, getting rid of innovation theater, and creating ownership in the teams and the projects themselves.

Now it’s your turn: Do you want to innovate better than startups with the scale of an enterprise? Reach out to us to discover our enabling services.