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Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023

All information about the event in June 2023 at a glance

Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023 awarded as Best Corporate Innovation Event 2023 | German Stevie Awards


More than 400 entries were submitted to the German Stevie Awards this year in categories including Company of the Year, Executive of the Year and New Product of the Year, among others. Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023 was awarded as gold winner in the category "Best Corporate Innovation Event 2023".

In the second year of our Corporate Fusion event, two corporates joined forces: as a collaborative event between Siemens Digital Industries & Bosch Innovation Consulting, we were discussing various inspiring topics, this time focusing on overcoming the innovation theater and turning it into business impact.

Not only the content of the keynotes and discussions were a reason to be there. Artistic acts and a breathtaking scenery of a real theater completed this unique event.

Take a look at the recordings of Corporate Innovation Fusion to get more insights.

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Create, Inspire & Innovate: our Agenda for Innovation Excellence

Bianca Höflinger (Siemens) & Luisa Wagner (Bosch Innovation Consulting)


Our Moderators Bianca (Siemens) and Luisa (Bosch) will introduce you to the world of corporate innovation. Discover the purpose of this event and the reason for its real theater setting. Get ready for an immersive experience that promises insights, inspiration, and practical strategies, as we embark on a collective journey towards unlocking the power of innovation.

Karina and uwe
Karina Rempel (Siemens) & Uwe Kirschner (Bosch Innovation Consulting)

Curtains up for Innovation

Karina and Uwe will take you on a journey to explore the concept of innovation theater and understand how it manifests in various aspects of corporate innovation. After highlighting common indicators and signs of innovation theater, they share actionable strategies and best practices to overcome and generate real business impact through innovation.

Charles O'Reilly (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Execution vs. Exploration Culture

Charles is the Frank E Buck Professor of Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a co-founder and director of Change Logic. He has written many books, most notably "Winning Through Innovation" and "Lead and Disrupt" with Michael Tushman. Charles is best known for his work with Mike Tushman on ambidextrous organizations that can execute on today’s business and explore for tomorrow. In his keynote, Charles is going to talk about the difference between execution and exploration culture, how it affects a firm’s ability to innovate, and what you can do if you need it to change.

Panel Discussion

Transforming Organizations from Within: A Discussion on the role of Mindset, Culture, and Leadership

Transformation isn't just about adopting new technologies or strategies, it's about a deep-rooted change from within. The recent panel discussion between Nadja Hatzijordanou (FactoryPal), Thilo Jourdan (AWS), Charles O’Reilly (Stanford Graduate School of Business) and Jason Wild (Microsoft) (moderated by Bianca Höflinger (Siemens) and Manuel Krauß (Bosch Innovation Consulting)) at Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023 emphasized the importance of internal shifts in mindset, culture, and leadership to truly drive organizational transformation.

Key takeaways:

  • Mindset Shift: Embrace change as a constant and view challenges as opportunities
  • Culture of Innovation: Foster an environment where every individual feels empowered to bring innovative ideas to the table
  • Leadership: Leaders should lead by example, promoting transparency, adaptability, and continuous learning.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, it's not enough to just change on the surface. True transformation requires a holistic approach, starting from within. Let's commit to being the change agents our organizations need, driving transformation from the inside out!

Andrew Binns (Change Logic)

Getting Leaders out of the Theater

In the world of corporate innovation, it's crucial for leaders to step out of the 'theater' and into the real action. Leadership isn't just about presentations and boardroom discussions, it's about being on the ground, understanding challenges firsthand, and driving transformative change.

At Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023, Andrew Binns, Co-Founder and Director of ChangeLogic shed light on the importance of authentic leadership in innovation. Leaders must move beyond the stage and engage directly with their teams, fostering a culture of genuine innovation and growth.

Remember, true leadership is about action, not just words. Let's commit to being leaders who drive change, not just talk about it.

Jason Wild (Microsoft)

Co-Innovation, Collaboration, and Customer Centricity

In the age of rapid technological advancement, the power of collaboration and co-innovation cannot be understated. The recent insights from Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023 shown by Jason Wild from Microsoft highlighted three core pillars for business success:

  • Co-Innovation: Embrace the synergy of collective minds. By working together, we can achieve breakthroughs faster and more efficiently.
  • Collaboration: Foster a culture where cross-functional teams, partners, and even competitors come together to share insights and drive progress.
  • Customer Centricity: At the heart of every innovation should be the customer. Understand their needs, desires, and pain points to deliver solutions that truly resonate.

As we navigate the future of business, let's remember that true innovation arises from collaboration, a deep understanding of our customers, and the willingness to co-create.

Dustin Hughes (AWS)

Amazon's Culture of Innovation

Amazon's Culture of Innovation

Christian Rüssel (Siemens), Stefan Gaa (Bosch), Timo Mühlhausen (Siemens), Adriano Bezerra-Delaunay (IBM Consulting), Jürgen Stein (EnBW)

From innovation theater to business impact: Rethinking Organizational Setups

Speakers at Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023

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