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Circular Economy Business Model Consulting

Leverage the opportunities, closing the loop brings to your business

Our mission is to support a transition from linear to circular value chains. Our vision is to decouple economic growth from the use of finite resources.

Definition of Circular Economy

At Bosch we define "Circular Economy" as decoupling economic growth from resource usage. We move from linear to circular economy by "closing the loop."

As a systematic approach of "closing the loop" includes:

  • Product development and production process
  • Product usage and the end of this life
  • Minimize waste
  • Maximize value preservation

Principles of Circular Economy

Create awareness of the value of resources and products. Understand the impact of products and services and adapt behavior accordingly (this applies to consumers and business). Preserve the existing value.

Avoid environmental impact:

  • No waste (all waste = resource)
  • No emissions
  • No wastewater

Requirement of Circular Economy

T-shape approach – combining deep and wide expertise. Full transparency and measurement of environmental impact and progress. Maximizing value preservation, where the minimal requirement is recycling, the maximum is reuse and rethink. Creating efficient loops along and across value chains – building on internal and external collaboration and ecosystems.

Establish continuous improvement and innovation:

  • Internal processes and KPI
  • Leadership style and mindset change
  • Product innovation
  • Circular business models

The Bosch Circular Economy Consulting Approach

The four phases to "Close the Loop"

The Bosch Circular Economy Consultants support the projects in developing and implementing a new circular business via four different phases.

"Phase 1" starts with analyzing the current business and defining the vision of a circular business transformation.

"Phase 2" concentrates on developing suitable Circular Economy strategies for the respective business.

"Phase 3" identifies the specific new measures and activities along the derived circular business model.

"Phase 4" describes the implementation process for scaling the circular business.

The Bosch Circular Economy Consulting Approach
The Bosch Circular Economy Consulting Approach

What you can expect

We as enthusiastic consultant team with proven practical business background support you in order to...

  • analyze the business model by current snapshot and defining the future goals
  • create a unique Circular Business Model that suits your needs
  • identify the best Circular Strategies for your business
  • adapt the solutions and scaling further steps of implementing a new Circular Business Model