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Business Model Maturity Assessment

Create a More Efficient Innovation Portfolio

Assessing the maturity of a business model helps both the team and the partners and stakeholders involved to identify the areas that should be further validated before scaling the business model. It is also important for one's own company to know exactly in which phase projects are at the current stage in order to be able to create an efficient innovation portfolio. To make this possible, it is first necessary to understand in which business areas most urgent action is needed. A Business Model Maturity Assessment can help you achieve precisely that.

Key aspects of the Assessment at a Glance

How does it work?

The Business Model Maturity Assessment at Glance

Preparation of the Assessment

Your Innovation Team will conduct a Self Assessment to ensure an optimal preparation of the assessment. We will guide the teams with all relevant preparation material for this self assessment.

Execution of the Maturity Assessment

Together with the experts from Bosch Innovation Consulting you will go through the different elements of your assessment template (see below) and discuss the status of each element critically. We will guide and challenge you through this assessment to make sure that we really dive deep into your business model. The assessment itself takes around 3-4 hours.

Recommendations & Next Steps

After the Maturity Assessment, the project team receives a detailed written report including recommendations for next steps, highlighting blind spots.

Our Assessment Template

This Dashboard will be the basis for your Self Assessment and the Execution of the Assessment with the Bosch Innovation Consulting Experts.

Bosch Business Model Maturity Assessment, Dashboard
Business Model Maturity Assessment supports you in answering the following questions
  1. You have innovation projects that do not generate the expected impact?
  2. You don't know which innovation projects are worth continuing and which ones should be stopped?
  3. You are insecure about the maturity level and progress of your different innovation initiatives?
  4. You don’t know how to allocate your budget to maximize business impact?
Business Model Maturity Assessment

Business Model Maturity Assessment

We create value for our customers by…

  • making clear, in which stage of the innovation process (according to the BIF) the innovation projects are and highlight the needed support to further mature the initiatives
  • identifying which areas of the business model have sufficient evidence of validation and which areas still lack more
  • supporting in creating a more efficient innovation portfolio by enabling capital-efficient budged allocation

Sounds good?

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