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Let's Accelerate! Podcast

The Corporate Innovation Podcast by Bosch Innovation Consulting

In our podcast, we engage with innovative thought leaders to discuss experiences, best practices, and lessons learned regarding corporate innovation and how related topics can be further explored and taken to the next level.

If your aim is to move beyond the innovation theater and achieve a repeatable, scalable method for corporate innovation, you're in the right place. We explore various approaches to corporate innovation and exchange thoughts with leading innovators about everything related to innovation. Our episodes are published in English and German.

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#10 | Alina Stepan, Zubair Mohammad, and Yousof Alsatom on the role of the metaverse for the future of companies

In this episode, we talk with Alina, Zubair, and Yousof about the role of the metaverse for the future of companies. We kick-off with a definition of the metaverse and the role of the newly formed unit at Bosch „Bosch Digital“. Our colleagues share different use cases that the metaverse already offers and how it all impacts business life in companies like Bosch. We also talk about best practices and potential (new) business models in the metaverse and finish this episode with our famous sentence completion exercise. (English episode)

#9 | Marc Mombauer on the importance of public relations in Startups

In this German episode of "Let’s Accelerate!", we talk with Marc Mombauer about the importance of press work for startups. Marc gives us insights into his work as a spokesperson for a large corporation and highlights the differences between press work in a corporation and in a startup. We discuss the most important steps to increase the visibility of a startup and the most important contacts. Marc speaks openly about what startups shouldn't do and gives us insights into his most exciting moments as a spokesperson.

#8 | Ole Reuss on agile Software Innovation, Future Trends, and the role of Innovation Labs

In this German episode, we speak with Ole Reuss. Ole is the Head of the Software Innovation & Development Center at Volkswagen in Hannover. Previously, he worked in the media industry for more than 20 years. We are very excited to talk to him today about the development of the Digital Lab at Volkswagen and to learn how agility and innovation fit together. Additionally, we want to hear from him about the potential he sees in current trends, such as the metaverse.

#7 | Ellie Amirnasr on Lessons Learned in Building up Corporate Ventures

In this episode of "Let's Accelerate!" we talk to Ellie Amirnasr, Director Digital Ventures at MANN+HUMMEL. We talk about her hands-on experience about building corporate ventures and her role as CEO of qlair, one of MANN+HUMMEL's corporate ventures. Ellie shares the challenges she faced when starting this new venture and how it feels being a corporate explorer. As always, we end our episodes with our famous sentence completion exercise. (English Episode)

#6 | Charles O'Reilly on Ambidextrous Organizations & the Role of Culture

In this episode we talk to the godfather of Ambidexterity, Charles O'Reilly. We talk to him about his new book "Corporate Explorer", which he wrote together with Andrew Binns and Michael Tushman, and about what has changed since writing "Lead and Disrupt". Charles provides insights into why successful companies actually fail and how to shape an environment and culture in which beyond and core initiatives can be managed in parallel. We end this episode as always with our Sentence Completion Exercise and learn from Charles the most valuable tip he also gives to his students at Stanford.

#5 | Julian Veit on Resilience and Stress Management in Startups

In this German episode, we talk to Julian Veit, corporate and startup customer advisor at "Techniker Krankenkasse", the largest German health insurance company. We discuss the role of stress for founders and ways to reduce it with stress management. If you want to learn how resilience relates to a car, it's worth listening in.

#4 | Matt Lerner on Success Factors for Growing New Ventures

In this episode we talk to Matt Lerner, Founder & CEO of Startup Core Strengths, about business innovation challenges when it comes to growth. He shares his thoughts about the similarities he notices between his business ventures and those of his prior experiences at large corporations. He also provides practical insights on methods and tools for successfully growing new ventures. Towards the end of this episode, we discuss with Matt metrics successful innovation projects should be using and we ask him what advice he would give to his younger self.

#3 | Björn Ognibeni on Digital Innovation, Disruptive Chine & Metaverse

In this german episode of “Let’s Accelerate!” we talk to Björn Ognibeni, Practical Visionary an an expert when it comes to digital innovation, disruptive China and metaverse. We talk about what we can learn from China when it comes to digitalization, and how to apply those lessons to our own businesses and what the Metaverse might imply for our future business.

#2 | Gunther Wobser on How Innovation Can Succeed in Medium-Sized Companies

In this german episode of "Let's Accelerate!" we talk to Dr. Gunther Wobser, CEO of LAUDA Dr. Wobser GmbH. We discuss with him how innovation can succeed in medium-sized companies and what motivated him personally to write his latest book. Discover more about Gunther, his role as CEO, his time in Silicon Valley and how he manages to overcome various innovation dilemmas in this episode.

#1 | Andrew Binns on the Personality of a Corporate Explorer

In this episode of "Let's Accelerate!" we talk to Andrew Binns about his new book "Corporate Explorer: How Corporations Beat Startups at the Innovation Game". We discuss with him who Corporate Explorers actually are and how they differentiate from "ordinary" entrepreneurs. Andrew shares his experiences on how to encourage people to go for more explorative ideas and on how to successfully drive explorative innovation initiative in corporates.

Alexander Osterwalder on Ambidextrous Organizations and Innovation
Let's Accelerate! Podcast
Alexander Osterwalder on Ambidextrous Organizations and Innovation
Let's Accelerate! Podcast