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Innovation Academy Overview

Build Your Capabilities for Driving Innovation

Looking to generate and validate innovative business model ideas efficiently?

Our Innovation Academy offers workshops and training programs tailored specifically for corporate teams. We equip your organization with essential operational and managerial expertise, alongside cutting-edge methods in business model development and innovation management. We are dedicated to guiding your team through the complexities of innovation, helping you tackle your unique challenges effectively.

Explore our trainings and workshops designed to drive your company's success.

Focus Topic
Innovation Bootcamp

Innovation Bootcamp

Join our Innovation Bootcamp to gain comprehensive training in cutting-edge corporate innovation methods and tools, and learn how to develop and validate profitable business models for your projects. Benefit from the direct guidance of experienced Bosch Innovation Consulting coaches, who bring hands-on expertise from various industries.

Innovation Bootcamp

Management Training

Transform Your Business with Our Expert-Led Management Training in Innovative Strategies, Business Model Development, and Corporate Innovation Excellence.

"à la carte" Innovation Training

"à la carte" Innovation Training

Receive a customized training to accommodate different level of training needs, from general interest on innovation to future innovation experts.

GenAI in Innovation: Mastering Prompting Strategies for Enhanced Creativity

GenAI in Innovation: Mastering Prompting Strategies for Enhanced Creativity & Innovation

Discover how to use GenAI Tools & Large Language Models to enhance your creativity & level up your innovation initiatives.

Any questions?

Take a look at our FAQ section. Maybe you can already find what you're looking for.

There are two ways to sign up for our Trainings or Workshops.

1) On the specific page of the Workshop or Training. There you can find a contact form on the bottom of the page where you can leave your contacts. In case there are already specific dates scheduled, you can choose your prefered. If you can not see any pre-scheduled dates, just submit your contact and we'll get in touch with you.

2) On our "Contact us" page. There you can find our general contact form. Just write us a message and we'll reach out to you.

You can find information about the price of our workshops and trainings on the specific pages. In case there is no information about the price, please write us a message via our contact form.

Yes, after each training or workshop we offer, all participants receive an official certificate of completion/participation.

individual workshops and trainings, individualized, personalized, tailored

Individual Workshops and Trainings Tailored to Your Needs

You have an innovation or business model problem that none of our above service formats seems to fit? Get in touch with us.