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Corporate Innovation Fusion 2023

Curtains up for Innovation | CIF23

Innovation is not just about brainstorming sessions and fancy rooms. It's about creating real business impact. It's about managing growth across different horizons, defining ambitious hunting zones, aligning corporate culture with strategy, and validating ideas rigorously. It's about incubating ideas, balancing an innovation portfolio, and collaborating both internally and externally.

But in truth many organizations are involved in what Karina Rempel from Siemens and Uwe Kirschner from Bosch Innovation Consulting call "Innovation Theater": activities that are meant to foster innovation and creativity but often result in limited business impact. The challenge is to move from this theater to real business impact.

In their presentation at Corporate Innovation Fusion, Karina and Uwe shared their insights on how to overcome this challenge with a magic spell: HUCUVASTINPOCO ✨

Watch the complete recording of Karina's and Uwe's presentation.

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