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Unleash the power of ecosystems for your business

We support and strengthen your business in a world of blurring domain borders, transforming biz models, upcoming data spaces and establishing external ecosystems (like Catena-X) by two major elements:

1) The Ecosys@Bosch (E@B) “Open Community”

  • learn by moderated exchange in a steadily growing open cross-industry community
  • get excited & inspired by E@B Power Talks: A platform for Bosch-internal and external speakers, sharing experiences and approaches from different perspectives
  • forward E@B impulses to your executive level

2) The Ecosys@Bosch “Customized Support”

  • identify risks for your current biz model by the “E@B Threat Analysis”
  • derive your role(s) and strategic positioning in current, upcoming - or your - ecosystem(s)
  • get ecosys-appropriate decisions from your management by the “E@B Executive Guidance Approach”
  • develop your new biz model and implementation plan – including required collaboration schemes
  • establish your new biz on basis of target capability maps and the “E@B project implementation support”
Circular Business Models as Winning Element for a Sustainable Future

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Joint approach w/ Bosch Rexroth, the Bosch IoT Lab, University St. Gallen, ETH Zurich

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How to compete in disrupting industries

Fundemantal steps to establish and engage in ecosystems

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