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ScaleUp Your Business

Scaleup is an art, not a formula.

Success is dependent on good fortune, best practice execution and willingness to experiment and improve. Key success factors for scaling a business inside a corporate environment focus on the areas of scaling readiness, organization & leadership as well as scaling execution.

Within our ScaleUp Your Business service process we closely analyze challenges and identify opportunities for your project in terms of scaling, market potential and strategic fit with your company. We classify your project into the areas of core, adjacent and beyond to commonly develop scaling strategies. There include concrete recommendations for action and success factors based on the previous analysis to create a high business impact.

ScaleUp your business
After our ScaleUp Consulting you will have
  1. Defined tailored scaling strategies applying proven success factors specific to your project's needs and goals
  2. Distinct actionable steps that help innovation projects grow into scalable and profitable ventures
  3. A comprehensive reporting: detailed, persuasive presentations for stakeholders, outlining challenges, opportunities, and strategic recommendations
  4. A clear, research-backed decision support to streamline and enhance the strategic decision-making process

Within our ScaleUp Service, we follow a three-step process

Scaling Diagnosis

We provide a detailed assessment of the current status of the scale-up venture. You will get the potential field of actions identified.

Apply Scaling Success Factors

We will apply key scaling success factors to your scale-up venture, identifying gaps, and recommend scaling paths. You will get a clear scaling recommendation.

Board meeting presentation

We will provide a comprehensive presentation to the board of management or specific key stakeholders including the scale-up challenges and opportunities overview as well as a compelling decision recommendation.

Three Focus Areas to Diagnose your Business

Scaling Readiness

Scaling Readiness

Let us check if you are ready to grow

Elevate your business to new heights with our Scaling Readiness consulting service. We meticulously assess your team's foundations, ensuring a compelling strategic ambition, validated market attractiveness, and a clear scaling logic. We confirm your competitive advantage, secure access to finance and core assets, and align your organization for seamless scale-up success. Prepare to thrive in the ascent, as we fine-tune every element for a journey marked by strategic excellence and sustainable growth.

Organization & Leadership

Organization & Leadership

Identify how good your organizational setup is

In the focus area Organization & Leadership, we evaluate your team's capabilities, focusing on cultivating an ambidextrous mindset at both project and board levels. Our focus extends to ensuring you have an effective supervisory board in place, fostering governance excellence. Additionally, we optimize network and stakeholder management, creating a robust foundation for strategic growth. Propel your leadership to new heights, instill adaptability, and forge powerful connections.

Scaling Execution

Scaling Execution

Let us check of you are ready to grow

Maximize your growth potential by taking a close look at Scaling Execution. Together, we assess your team's emphasis on expanding the customer base through virality and scale. Additionally, we take a look at how you could optimize your partnership strategies to fuel rapid customer base growth. Propel your scaling journey with precision and strategic foresight, unlocking new heights of success.

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