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Validation Program

How to Convert Your Ideas into Scalable Business Models

Innovation Zoo vs. Systematic Innovation Management

What Is an Innovation Zoo and What Should You Do Instead

Innovation Zoo vs. systematic Innovation Management
The numbers in the funnel represent real innovation statistics from our internal Validation Program (status: 2023)

The Process of the Validation Program

We enable and support our customers in validating their business ideas in a fast and structured way. By building a Corporate Validation Engine we drive innovation @ scale to make evidence-based investment decisions.

Bosch Accelerator Program focusing on Concept Preparation and Concept Validation
Winner of the Siemens Supplier award 2023
Winner of the Corporate Startup Starts Accelerator Award 2021
Featured in Corporate Explorer Book
Winner of the Impact Award 2019
Bosch Innovation Consulting among TOP 25 most influential innovation leaders
Validation Program featured in the invincible company

Award Winning Validation Program

This Validation Program has been featured in numerous publications, including Harvard Business Review and Osterwalder’s “The Invincible Company”, as a leading example of how to run a fast, efficient validation engine supporting an exploit-explore innovation portfolio.

In addition, the International Chamber of Commerce awarded this program with the “Corporate Startup Accelerator Award 2021” as the best corporate accelerator and Siemens award this program with the Siemens Supplier award in 2023 in the category "Innovation Star".

Key aspects of the Program at a Glance

References from our customers

More about our cooperation with our customers

Franz Menzl, VP & CTO Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation

"Through the collaboration with Bosch, our Innovation Teams have learned to explore new business opportunities in a capital-efficient, bold and successful way."

Franz Menzl, VP & CTO Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation

Karina Rempel, Head of Innovation Excellence, Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation

"By working with Bosch, we got rid of the decision-making boards and empowered our exploratory innovation teams to successfully validate or invalidate a potential business opportunity."

Karina Rempel, Head of Innovation Excellence, Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation

Steffen Rueck, Digital Business & Partnerships @ Bosch

"The Validation Program efficiently guided and helped us crack tough nuts in validating our business model. It is a very time intensive and rewarding activity where you learn a lot and have fun."

Steffen Rueck, Digital Business & Partnerships @ Bosch

Reference Projects

Swipe through to discover some of the projects that already validated their business ideas within our Validation Program

Bosch refinemysite
RefinemySite is a cloud-based, construction collaboration platform that applies lean principles to enable the entire team from site manager, to trade contractors — to plan, communicate and execute in real time.
AquaEasy is a smart AI & IoT enabled aquaculture solution that provides an end-to-end solution for aqua farmers, such as shrimp farmers, to increase harvest and yield. The solution offers constant water quality measurements and accurate feeding recommendations.
Plastic Waste Sorting
Bosch Singapore researchers are dedicated to creating innovative solutions which address the specific needs and improve the everyday lives of people across Asia Pacific. One of these topics is the automated sorting of plastic waste. Therefore, our Singapore team presented its latest ideas and solutions to the greater demand for enhancement of recycling capabilities for plastics to Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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