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Discover what our customers say about us

"The Accelerator Program efficiently guided and helped us crack tough nuts in validating our business model. It is a very time intensive and rewarding activity where you learn a lot and have fun."
Steffen Rueck, Innovation Manager & Co-lead Stuttgart Connectory
"Mature and intensive program, great mentors, sessions, colleagues and very well organized."
Alberto Ibarraran, Innovation and Technology Director at Bosch
"Die Teilnahme hat mir elementare neue methodische und inhaltliche Wege aufgezeigt - trotz meiner mehr als 20-jährigen beruflichen Projekt-Tätigkeit mit fundierten Projekt- und Branchenkenntnissen. Für mich auch eine persönliche Bereicherung!"
Thomas Schreier, Senior Project Manager at Bosch
"Through the program, we have pushed and shaped our issues much further than we would have without this initiative"
Harald Lukosz, head of department at Bosch

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